Calibration system HSG-P

...allows to verify all adjustable sealing parameters (temperature, force and time) on our heat sealing devices of the type HSG.

HSG-CC to the HSG-CC

Easy and reliable Verification of:

  • Sealing force
  • Sealing time
  • Sealing temperature

HSG-CC - to the HSG-CC

Determining the Parameters:

The HSG-P is used to test the accuracy of the Brugger heat sealers HSG-CC, HSG-C (and HSG‑ETK). This easy-to-use tester allows you to meet the QC requirements on location in your plant. Use the HSG-P to check the values for temperature, force and time fast and efficiently–without complicated preferences. For devices of the type HSG-CC and HSG-C the displayed force can also be calibrated.  

Temperature:  Simply attach the temperature jaws in place of the sealing jaws. The calibrator automatically measures six temperatures with PT-100 sensors.

Force/Time: Simply attach the load cell to the heat protection connection. The force can be calibrated, if necessary (only HSG-CC/C). The time is displayed once the jaws reopen.

Technical data

HSG-P Spezification
Compatible with HSG-CC, HSG-C, HSG-ETK
Dimensions device 24 x 18 x 8 cm
Weight set 3 kg
Total weight (incl. Case) 6 kg
Storage temperature 0°C - 50°C
Working temperature 15°C - 35°C
Relative humidity max. 80%, non-condensing
Power adapter (incl.) 110-240 V to 24V , 6 W, Europlug

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Measuring Type Maximum absolute tolerance Measuring range Interval
Temperature +/- 1.5°C 0°C to 250°C 0.1°C
Force +/- 3N 0N to 1000N 1 N
Time +/- 0.03 s 0.05s to 99.95s 0.01 s