HSG-CC - Standing device

... is designed for testing the heat sealability of films. The standing device has an integrated compressor and doesn't need external compressed air.

HSG-CC to the table device
  • Clear parameter view
  • Fast changeable sealing jaws
  • Internal Compressor
  • No compressed air supply needed

HSG-CC - to the table device

Technical Details

HSG-CC Standing device Specification
Test method Simulation of a head sealing equipment to determine the best sealing parameters
Seal jaws 150 mm x 10 mm smooth(standard). Other specifications upon request Seal temperature
Tolerance < 1.5% FS
Sealing force 40N up to 1000N for the entire sealing area
Tolerance < 1.5% FS
Dwell time 0.1 - 50.0 s
Tolerance 0.3% FS
PC interface serial standard interface RS232, 9.600 Baud
Interface for force adjustment Internal protocol
Dimensions 68 x 48 x 125 cm
Weight 76kg
Storage temperature 0°C - 50°C
Working temperature 15°C - 35°C
Relative humidity max. 80%, non-condensing
Electrical connection 230 V / 50 - 60Hz, max. 900 W
Standard Following ASTM F 2029 - 00